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Our knowledge is complemented by our experience; we are focused to provide you effective solutions.


We offer unique and tailored solutions for every production challenge.


We have work more than 20 years and have done more than 3,000 projects.

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Comprehensive end-of-line solutions

About us

Since Hybernya was established in 2002, we had developed more tan 3,000 finished end-of-line projects for the food, diary, beverages, personal care and home care industries; bringing the best of the mexican engineering to more than six countries.

Unlike many other companies, at Hybernya we design, assemble and install every single piece of the equipment we delivery to your company, while we colaborate hand by hand with our clients. Our higly qualified engineers combine their experience with the manage of state of the art design software and manufacturing technologies in order to offer unique solutions for each of our clients.

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The Hybernya method

At Hybernya we do not just sell machines. We offer solutions.

We design

We look for solutions based on the needs of each client, designing the right layout for each production plant.

We manufacture

We manufacture all the machinery in our production plant to ensure the quality of each product.

We install

We install the machinery in the production plant to ensure a proper assembly and good operation, meeting all the standards every client needs.

We protect

We grant a warranty for our equipments. In addition, our service office is always available.

Our clients

These are some of the companies that entrusted their production in our hands

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We are ready to take your production to the next level